Elkhart HS Band
Elkhart High School
Elkhart, TX
Performance Itineraries
ATSSB All-Region Clinic & Concert
When:  Saturday, January 15, 2022
Who:  All-Region Qualifiers
Where:  Chapel Hill HS; Chapel Hill, TX
Leave:  7am
Return:  approx. 11pm
Concert Starts @ 6pm
*Concert Starts at 6pm with the band in this order:
6pm - West Zone MS Band
~6:30pm - East Zone MS Band
~7pm - HS Concert Band
~7:30pm - HS Symphonic Band
What to Wear:  comfy rehearsal clothes...NEW BAND UNIFORM for concert
What to Bring:  Instrument, Concert Music, Money for snacks/lunch/dinner

Elkhart BIG RED Band

- Scroll down below to find the individual band accomplishments!  All-Region Jazz, All-Region Bands, UIL Results...the lot!!!
- All 2020-21 Elkhart Bands (Beginner, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, Jazz Ensemble, HS Marching & Concert Bands)
were awarded 1st Divisions at every contest we entered!  Congrats on a GREAT YEAR, students!!!
- The Elkhart HS BIG RED Band has a YouTube Channel!!  Check us out!!!
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Elkhart BIG RED Band Member's Individual Accomplishments

2021-22 ATSSB All-Region Jazz Band
Alana Canaday, 1st chair alto sax (8th in AREA)
Anthony Vargas, 2nd chair tenor sax (10th in AREA)
Micah Goodman, 3rd chair tenor sax (alternate)
Hunter Meador, 2nd chair baritone sax (alternate)
Jon Canaday, 2nd chair drum set (18th in AREA)
2021-22 ATSSB All-Region Band
Tarynn Massie, 12th chair flute (12th in AREA)
Alana Canaday, 5th chair Bb clarinet (2nd in AREA) - All-State Band
Emily James, 20th chair Bb clarinet (15th in AREA)
Alana Canaday, 1st chair bass clarinet (opted for clarinet)
Anthony Vargas, 3rd chair alto sax (opted for tenor sax)
Alex Vargas, 8th chair alto sax
Ethan Cavazos, 9th chair alto sax
Anthony Vargas, 1st chair tenor sax (2nd in AREA)
Noah Clark, 34th chair trumpet - alternate
Roberto Gonzalez, 3rd chair trombone (5th in AREA)
Kilee Lasiter, 6th chair percussion (5th in AREA)
Kollin Peiffer, 7th chair percussion
Jon Canaday, 10th chair percussion
Aaron Canaday, 16th chair percussion - alternate
2021-22 TMEA All-Region Band
Jon Canaday, 14th chair percussion (22nd in 6A AREA)
2021-22 ATSSB 3A All-State Band
Alana Canaday, Bb Clarinet
2021-22 UIL Solo & Ensemble
     1st Division Solos
     1st Division Ensembles
     UIL State Music Theory Test
   * TSSEC = UIL Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest *
2021-22 Elkhart BIG RED Band Leadership Team
Alana Canaday, Head Drum Major
Leslie Neel, Flute
Kameryn Tillman, Clarinet
Ruby Aguirre, Alto Saxophone
Devon McDonald, Tenor/Bari Saxophone
Asia Andrews, F Horn/Asst. Drum Major
Kiaya Fielder, Trumpet
Roberto Gonzalez, Trombone/Baritone
Jacob O'Neal, Tuba
Jon Canaday, Percussion
Noah Clark, Senior Officer
Emily James, Senior Officer
Micah Goodman, Senior Officer