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So everything is up in limbo with no information about

when anything is going to take place.  Please be flexible

and here is the latest...

(updated 3/21)


I will be at the HS Band Hall from noon until 1pm

on Tuesday, March 24 for anyone who needs to pick up

their instrument and/or music. I have made

copies of next year's show music...Ritual...for you to

get a head start on.  Come on up and get it!!!


As for the last Disney Payment, if you haven't made

it yet, just hold on.  When we do get back, it will be

due immediately (as of now...April 6).  Plan accordingly.

Until you hear FROM ME or on THIS WEBSITE,

Disney is still a GO!!!


Check out the Band Facebook Page for a post about

SmartMusic.  It's available and FREE until July.  Go

out there and get it.  It makes practice fun...and it's

a good tool to use to learn, practice, record and

email your assignments to me.  It's all available

through SmartMusic. 


You will record and submit the F Scale the first week and

the Eb Scale the second week.  Tempo is not relevant,

but accurate notes with the normal "scale" rhythm is.

Ascending: Quarter note (F), eighth...eighth...eighth...

eighth...eighth...eighth...Quarter(F) - then back down

with the same rhythm.  It's basically the scale from p. 12

in your blue book.


Percussionists, you have a small snare drum etude

to play.  You can perform it on a practice pad or if you

have your own snare drum.  Or a countertop.  Or the

floor...the world is your instrument!!!  If you want a

school practice pad, come on up and get one!  Also,

I have the assignment music printed out at the band

hall if you want to come get it with Ritual.  It's all

ready to go...



Below is the process for recording and submitting

your work:


Here's the Process:

Start the Recording

State your name

Play the scale

End the recording

Email the recording


...the recording can be an audio recording or a video...





Weekly Assignments


Week of March 23-27:

Band - Concert F Scale (p. 12 - blue book)

Percussion - 3 Note Permutations #3

(as shown below)

Snare Assignment


Email recording to: jcanaday@elkhartisd.org

on or before March 27



Week of March 30-April 3: 

Band - Concert Eb Scale (p. 28 - blue book)

Percussion - Wait For It #2

(as shown below)

Snare 2


Email recording to: jcanaday@elkhartisd.org

on or before April 3
















Palestine Dogwood Trails Parade
Bullard Pre-UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Contest
Postponed...probably cancelled
UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Contest
Elkhart Spring Concert
Where:  Elkhart HS Gym
When:  Thursday, May 7...???
Meet:  6:45pm
What to Wear:  Dress Nice
What to Bring:  Instrument, Music
UIL Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest
Where:  Hendrickson HS;  Pflugerville, TX
When:  Saturday, May 30
Leave:  TBA
Return:  TBA
What to Wear:  Dress Nice
What to Bring:  Instrument, Music
Disney Trip
Where:  Walt Disney World;  Orlando, FL
When:  May 31-June 4
Perform:  Tuesday, June 2
Disney "Festival of Fantasy" Pre-Parade
Magic Kingdom
Time:  2:30pm
What to Wear:  Full Band Uniform

Elkhart BIG RED Band

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Elkhart BIG RED Band Member's Individual Accomplishments

ATSSB Region 21 All-Region Jazz Band
Dillan Broyles, tenor sax (AREA)
ATSSB Region 21 All-Region Band
Maddison Jones, flute (AREA)
Emily James, clarinet (AREA)
Ally Currie, clarinet
Alana Canaday, bass clarinet
Dillan Broyles, tenor saxophone
Noah Clark, trumpet
Roger Gonzalez, F horn (AREA)
Leo Banuelos, tuba
Jonathan Canaday, percussion
Tucker Sparkman, percussion
Kilee Lasiter, percussion
UIL Solo & Ensemble
     1st Division Solos
Maddison Jones, flute (TSSEC)
Alana Canaday, bass clarinet (TSSEC)
Dillan Broyles, tenor sax
Roger Gonzalez, f horn (TSSEC)
Jeremiah May, trombone
Jonathan Canaday, marimba (TSSEC)
Kilee Lasiter, marimba (TSSEC)
Tucker Sparkman, marimba (TSSEC)
     1st Division Ensembles
Alana Canaday, Ally Currie, Maddison Jones - WW Trio (TSSEC)
Dillan Broyles, Lizbeth Marquez, Devon McDonald, Hunter Meador - Sax Quartet (TSSEC)
Leo Banuelos, Miguel Espinoza, Destiny Montgomery, Carter Vickery - Tuba/Euph Quartet (TSSEC)
Jonathan Canaday, Kevin Fogle, Tucker Sparkman - Percussion Trio (TSSEC)

2019-20 Elkhart BIG RED Band Leadership Team

Leo Banuelos, Head Drum Major
Alana Canaday, Assistant Drum Major
Cassie Barnett, Flute
Ally Currie, Clarinet
Roman Vaughan, Trumpet
Roger Gonzalez, F Horn
Jeremiah May, Trombone
Destiny Montgomery, Baritone
Landon O'Neal, Tuba