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Performance Itineraries

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ATSSB All-Region Clinic/Concert Itinerary
Who:  Maddison Jones, Emily James, Alana Canaday, Roger Gonzalez,
Jonathan Canaday, Tucker Sparkman, Kilee Lasiter
(alternates: Ally Currie, Dillan Broyles, Noah Clark, Leo Banuelos)
When:  Saturday, January 18
Where:  Chapel Hill HS; Chapel Hill, TX
Leave: 7am
Return: 10pm
What to Bring:  Instrument, Region Folder, Meal/Snack Money, Band Uniform
What to Wear:  Comfortable Clothes for rehearsal, full band uniform for concert
UIL Solo & Ensemble Itinerary
Who:  All Solo & Ensemble Members
When:  Saturday, February 8
Where:  SFA; Nacogdoches, TX
Leave: TBA
Return: TBA
What to Bring:  Instrument, Solo/Ensemble Music, Meal/Snack Money
What to Wear:  Dress up for performance.  You can bring comfortable clothes for after
your performance, but you must keep up with all of it throughout the day.  We will NOT
have access to the bus during this competition.

Elkhart BIG RED Band

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Elkhart BIG RED Band Member's Individual Accomplishments

ATSSB Region 21 All-Region Jazz Band
Dillan Broyles, tenor sax (AREA)
ATSSB Region 21 All-Region Band
Maddison Jones, flute (AREA)
Emily James, clarinet (AREA)
Ally Currie, clarinet
Alana Canaday, bass clarinet
Dillan Broyles, tenor saxophone
Noah Clark, trumpet
Roger Gonzalez, F horn (AREA)
Leo Banuelos, tuba
Jonathan Canaday, percussion
Tucker Sparkman, percussion
Kilee Lasiter, percussion
UIL Solo & Ensemble
     1st Division Solos
     1st Division Ensembles

2019-20 Elkhart BIG RED Band Leadership Team

Leo Banuelos, Head Drum Major
Alana Canaday, Assistant Drum Major
Cassie Barnett, Flute
Ally Currie, Clarinet
Roman Vaughan, Trumpet
Roger Gonzalez, F Horn
Jeremiah May, Trombone
Destiny Montgomery, Baritone
Landon O'Neal, Tuba
Annalisa Trevino, Percussion