Elkhart High School
Elkhart, TX
Monday, December 5   :   Noon-5pm
Performance Itineraries
ATSSB Region 8 All-Region Band Auditions
All-Region Auditioners ONLY
When:  Saturday, December 3
Where:  Groesbeck HS; Groesbeck, TX
Meet: TBA in the High School Band Hall 
Return: TBA
What to Wear:  Appropriate School Dress Code compliant
pants with your band shirt
What to Bring:  Instrument, Music, Snack money
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Elkhart BIG RED Band

- Scroll down below to find the individual band accomplishments!  All-Region Jazz, All-Region Bands, UIL Results...the lot!!!
- Congrats to Jon Canaday...first Elkhart HS member to place in the ATSSB All-State Jazz Band!!  1st Chair!!
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Elkhart HS BIG RED Band 2022-23 Awards
US Bands - Madisonville Showcase & Clinic; Madisonville, TX
     1st Place in Class, Best Music, Best Visual, Best Percussion
US Bands - AT&T Stadium Classic; Arlington, TX
     1st Place in Class, FINALIST, 8th Place OVERALL, Best Music, Best Visual, Best Overall Effect
UIL Region 8 Marching Contest; McGregor, TX
     1st Division Band, AREA Qualifier
UIL AREA D Marching Contest; Robinson, TX
     7th Place in Prelims (out of 25), FINALIST, 4th Place OVERALL in Finals
Lone Star Classic Drumline Competition; Flower Mound, TX
     6th Place (Standstill 2 - Red), Best Tenorline
     3rd Place Tenor Solo (Aaron Canaday)
     1st Place Tenor Solo (Jon Canaday)
UIL Region 8 Concert & Sight Reading Contest
     March 1-2, 2023
SoundPost Music Festival; Canton, TX
     (Jazz Ensemble) May 12, 2023
Elkhart HS BIG RED Band Individual Accomplishments
     Region 8 All-Region Jazz Band
Taimoor Anwar, guitar (1st chair)
Aaron Canaday, piano (2nd chair - alternate)
Jon Canaday, drum set (1st chair)
Roberto Gonzalez, trombone (2nd chair)
Kilee Lasiter, bass guitar (1st chair)
Hunter Meador, bari sax (2nd chair - alternate)
Anthony Vargas, tenor sax (1st chair)
Zane Vaughan, alto sax (1st chair)
     All AREA Jazz Band
Jon Canaday, drum set (1st chair - ALL STATE)
Roberto Gonzalez, trombone (4th chair)
Anthony Vargas, tenor sax (7th chair)
Zane Vaughan, alto sax (13th chair)
     Region 8 All-Region Band
December 3, 2022
     Area D All-AREA Band
January 7, 2023
     Texas ATSSB All-State Band
Jon Canaday, drum set (jazz ensemble)
UIL Solo & Ensemble
     1st Division Solos
February 4, 2023
     1st Division Ensembles
February 4, 2023
2022-23 Elkhart BIG RED Band Leadership Team
Hannah Foster, Drum Major/Flute
Grant Albanese, Clarinet
Anthony Vargas, Saxophone
Kiaya Fielder, Trumpet
Sean Carr, F Horn
Roberto Gonzalez, Trombone/Baritone
Jacob O'Neal, Tuba
Jon Canaday, Percussion