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Summer Band Letter



Elkhart BIG RED Band Summer Band Camp* 2021

*check Calendar on the Elkhart ISD Band website for more information


Summer 2021 Rehearsal Schedule

June 1-3 – Rookie Camp/Marching Fundamentals 10am-2pm

June 14-16 - June Music Camp 10am-2pm

July 19-20 – Battery/Brass Pre-Camp  10am-2pm

July 21-22 – Front Ensemble/Woodwind Pre-Camp  10am-2pm

July 23 – Take Friday off...

July 26-29 - Full Band Summer Sectionals 10am-2pm

August 2-5 – Full Summer Band Camp  2pm-9pm

August 6, 9-10 – Full Summer Band Camp  4pm-9pm

August 11 - Summer Band Camp FINALE  4pm-7pm

August 12 – First Day of School



Bring Lunch/Dinner to all summer camps.


You will need the following for a successful summer band experience:


       - You need to be hydrated.  That means that you must drink lots of water THE DAY BEFORE camp starts so that you will not dehydrate.  Drinking water during camp is part of it, but you must be hydrated properly at least 24 hours before camp starts.  Drink up!!




- A NUTRITIOUS breakfast/lunch – avoids carbonated drinks – we recommend lots of fruit (bananas are BEST), water and lots of food with carbs and protein (bacon, eggs, biscuits, etc.)


- A BIG water jug – we will provide water, but you need to bring your own water jug.   You will need to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day during outside rehearsals to keep yourself hydrated. It’s Texas…it’s hot…you HAVE to drink lots of water!!!  This is a big deal!!!


- Your instrument and music for indoor rehearsals – don’t forget the trusty pencil!!


- A HAT – not just a visor.  You will need protection from the sun, and will be thankful you have a HAT.  Caps are NOT optional for this week because we will be in the sun, so please don’t forget.  If you forget your hat, a substitute hat from our generic hat bag will be issued.


- Remember the sunscreen.  This is very important, so you don’t sunburn and become ill. 


- DO NOT wear sandals, flip flops or boots – you will need SNEAKERS/TENNIS SHOES for these rehearsals.  Sandals will hurt your feet.


Please understand that failure to attend summer band rehearsals means you may not have a spot in our marching show and you risk being removed from the band program completely.  We will set drill to our marching show during the second full week of rehearsal, and if you are not here, you will not have a spot in our show.  This is a very crucial time for our marching band.  Our success next year is a direct reflection on Summer Band Camp! 


On the band website www.elkhartisd.org is our band calendar. I will have Friday Night Games as well as ALL contests and events posted to that page. It stays up-to-date and as far into the future as I can make it.


Again, I hope you have a GREAT summer.  This is going to be an exciting year for the BIG RED Band, and I can’t wait to get going.  See you then… 



J. Wes Canaday                 Katherine May                     Scott Haney