Elkhart High School

Disney Trip 2020-ish

Preliminary Disney Trip Information
Initial Disney Trip Meeting:  August 10 @ 8pm
Final Disney Trip Meeting:  TBA - probably sometime in mid-late May
Trip Dates:  May 31-June 4, 2020
Approximate Cost:  $929/person
     Payment Schedule
        10/12/19 - $179
        11/12/19 - $250
        2/12/20 - $250
     Current balance should be $250
        3/12/20 - $250
2018 & 2019 Cookie Dough Fundraiser's profit has been applied to the balance.  There will be 4 payments (October, November 12, February 12 and March 12) to pay out the remaining balance.  Money can be paid early at any time!
Please stay current on your payments and this payment schedule.  Thanks.
Disney Band Rehearsals



2020 Disney VERY Preliminary Itinerary


Elkhart High School Band

Orlando, Florida


Sunday, May 31     

             10am -- Spot load motor coaches at Elkhart High School, Elkhart, TX

                               Depart from Elkhart, TX traveling through the night


                           Lunch and Dinner en route


                           Breakfast and freshen up for Disney

                10am     Disney Park all day

                               ONE meal voucher

                           Return to the hotel



                8:00am    Deluxe Continental Breakfast at the hotel

                9:30am    Disney Park all day

                               ONE meal voucher


         2:30pm  Disney "Festival of Fantasy" Pre-Parade


                             Return to hotel at park closing


                               Deluxe Continental Breakfast at the hotel; hotel check out

                               Disney Park all day

                               ONE meal voucher

               10:00pm    Load the bus  ...departure for Elkhart, TX driving straight through



Thursday, June 4              

                            Breakfast/Lunch on own en route

             6pm    Arrive Home; collect luggage ...go home

Hotel Information

SpringHill Suites Orlando at FLAMINGO CROSSINGS® Town Center/Western Entrance

13279 Flamingo Crossings Boulevard

Winter Garden, Florida 34787 USA