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Boosters are already up and running...working as hard as ever!  Please consider joining this group of parents as they provide meals for all out of town games as well as working all of the home MS Volleyball games concession stand this season to raise money for the annual scholarship and the upcoming (next year) Disney Trip. 


There's lots to "get up off of that thang..."!!!


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The band boosters are an organization of band parents and friends who work to support the band program at EHS. Their function is to support the entire band program, not just the marching band. Besides volunteer assistance, they also care for uniforms, raise money to pay for scholarships, and just about any other expense relating to the band program. The BIG RED Band Boosters welcome your involvement. Rather than wait to be asked for your help, just follow your student to the band hall and ask any of the boosters what you can do to help. There is a place for everyone and lots to be done.


Why should you become a BIG RED Band Booster?

Contribute your time and energy to actively make a difference in your student's musical education.
Support your student's proud accomplishments at football games and competitions.
Parental involvement is the key to any successful learning environment. Gain first hand knowledge into your student's education, and make a difference.


Booster Benefits

To relive your old high school band days through your children.
To work hard and sweat during competition season (saves on gym membership!).
To spend time with your child, whom you otherwise would probably not see much, except when they need money.
To know what's going on, since our students are notorious for not giving us papers they bring home.
To be involved in activities that enriches the band program.
To share music with students that may not have otherwise been able to participate
To help ensure that fine arts programs like band are not taken from school curriculums
To be a part of decisions that directs the future success of the band.
To be a part of a program that you and your student can be proud of.
Because band is fun - for students and adult volunteers!


Join us!


Being a booster shows your child that you are interested in what they’re interested in.  And becoming a booster is easy!  All you need to do is participate – as much or as little as your schedule allows.  


2013-2014 Membership Form

Fee is $5.00 per person


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