Elkhart High School


***** College book pickup will be Monday, March 30, 2020, from 11-12 (last name A-L) and (12-1 last name M-Z) at EMS pick up by the gym. *****
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EHS Dual Credit
Dual Credit refers to the process by which a high school student enrolls in a college course and receives simultaneous credit for the course from both the college and the high school. Dual Credit courses include both academic courses as well as technical courses.
Dual Credit courses can be offered at the high school campus during regular high school hours, via Internet or ITV, or on any of the TVCC campuses.
The link below lists current EHS Dual Credit courses.  Please note that these offerings may change each semester due to contract obligations between EISD and Trinity Valley Community College.  For full information regarding EHS Dual Credit policy and procedures, please see our handbook (EHS Home Page -> Students -> Student Handbook).
Please click the link below for testing information. 
Testing dates and locations for the TSI exam may be found on the link below.  This is the college entrance exam that has replaced the THEA, and any student considering dual credit MUST pass this test before signing up for those courses.  The exam is given by TVCC various days each week, and student absence will be excused if test scores are turned in to Mrs. Tubbs (the score report will have the date and time listed and students will only be excused for that portion of the day).
NOTE:  Directions and additional information regarding the program may be found by reading the contract and in the EHS Student Handbook.
The required deposit and other necessary documents must be turned in before the district can enroll a student in TVCC classes.  If all documentation below is not presented to the EHS Dual Credit Coordinator by the established deadline, students may not be registered for dual credit courses.
  • TVCC Admissions Application (provided to TVCC, online or by using the form provided below)
  • EHS Dual Credit Contract
  • TVCC Application Supplement
  • Shot Record (showing proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine)
  • TSI Score Report
  • Deposit (checks made payable to EHS)
TVCC Dual Credit Student Handbook
Please note: EHS Dual Credit students will be subject to the rules and guidelines of TVCC as well as EHS policies.  The TVCC Student Handbook outlines program expectations set forth by Trinity Valley Community College.  The TVCC Student Handbook can be accessed at the following link: