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Elkhart BIG RED Band
December 2019 Newsletter
December is an important month and we do have several events planned. 
First, we will perform/march in the Palestine Christmas Parade of Lights.  It's a night parade and it starts at 7pm on Saturday, December 7.  Check the homepage for ALL performance itineraries.  We will dress Christmassy for this parade and as many lights as the students can duct tape, zip tie and otherwise strap to themselves, the better!
On Thursday, December 12 will be our annual Winter Concert.  Again...nice dress, but Christmassy!
On Saturday, December 14 is an important day for many of our HS Band students.  It's the HS All-Region Audition day...and for a couple of them, this will start the process for their potential All-State Band placement.  Students doing VERY well at this audition will be certified for Area and get the opportunity to try out for the Texas All-State Band, so December 14 is a very important date!
That last week of school before our Christmas Break, we will have a couple of small ensembles travel around Anderson County and play for a couple of area nursing homes.  It's something that we started doing a couple years ago and I think everyone involved really enjoys it!  Dates have NOT been set, but I will update the homepage when they do.
J. Wes Canaday
Important Upcoming Dates to Remember:
December 7 - Palestine Christmas Parade of Lights
December 12 - Elkhart Winter Concert
December 14 - ATSSB All-Region Auditions
December ?? - Christmas Ensembles Nursing Home tour
...down the road...
I don't know...there's a Christmas Break, so that's all I really care about!!!