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Elkhart BIG RED Band
April/May/June 2020 Newsletter
Coronavirus.  COVID-19.  Jerkvirus...whatever you want to call it, it has ended our school year.  Unfortunately for us, we were in the middle of our most successful (full band AND individual accomplishments alike) years that we've had in a LONG time.  It was special, and it was taken from us.  Bummer.  Instead of focusing on that part of it, I want to remember the GREAT year that we did have.  We worked hard, did an exceptional show, accomplished something that the BIG RED Band hasn't done in a decade and had a good time doing it.  Let's build on this year, and do it again next year!
There are some posted assignments to keep you playing for the rest of the year.  They are located on the homepage.  Remember, you can do MORE than listed.  If you need/want any additional music, just let me know.
Disney...like getting toilet paper...has been postponed.  We will NOT go this year!  Sorry Seniors!  We WILL go to Disney next school year, so any money paid into the trip will carry over into next year's trip.  Delayed gratification...at its best!
Make sure to take a look at the Calendar for our modified summer band dates. The summer letter is already online as well.  It's slightly different than in the past, so take a look before scheduling anything.
As you should know already, Mr. Autrey is getting married and has resigned from Elkhart to live with his wife.  That's not a bad idea, but he will be missed.  Thanks, Mr. Autrey for pushing me to change and for playing a BIG part in bringing this program into the 21st century!!
We are in the process of interviewing candidates to take the percussion position that is currently open.  I'll update on the website, FaceBook page, etc when we finally hire someone.  They've got some fantastic shoes to fill...
Love you guys, and miss you so much.  If nothing else, I will do a better job of NOT taking this job (and you guys) for granted!  Please take care and I'll see you as soon as I can!!!
J. Wes Canaday
Important Upcoming Dates to Remember:
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