Elkhart BIG RED Band
Summer 2021 Newsletter
First things first...let's do a quick recap of the 2020-21 school year!  If you want to skip the recap and get right to what's happening this summer, scroll down to the RED...
In the Fall semester, our HS BIG RED Marching Band learned a full competition show...despite COVID...and had some pretty impressive accomplishments.  The band earned a 1st Division in preliminaries and qualified for FINALS at the Mineola Marching Festival where they placed 2nd in Class 3A and 5th overall.  The Drum Major as well as Percussion Section also earned 1st Division.  In addition, the Percussion was 2nd OVERALL in this marching contest...what a great feat for such a young percussion section!!
In our All-Region Competitions, we had 10 MS students qualify for All-Region (most in school history), 6 HS Jazz All-Region (most in school history), 3 AREA Jazz members (most in school history), 12 HS All-Region, 5 AREA Band members, and 3 ATSSB 3A All-State Band members (tied for most in school history).  That's a lot of HIGH LEVEL performing!!
We recorded, mixed, edited and rendered out a Winter Concert for both HS and MS band.  We had to do this because of our district's "no in person meetings" policy, so we made the best of it.  Video quality wasn't the best (a bunch of GoPro 7 Silvers!!!  ...and a rookie putting it all together!) and the audio quality was also not really up to snuff, but we made the best of it!  Those performances, MS in one video and HS in another, are on YouTube...check out our channel.
In the Spring semester, we had 19 MS students receive a 1st Division on their Region Solo or Ensemble Contest.  Not really sure about school history there, but that's a LOT!!!  We also had 21 HS 1st Division at UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest, with 16 of them qualifying for STATE Solo & Ensemble.  At State, the students earned 5 gold medals and 3 silver medals!  We also had 7 students take the UIL State Music Theory Test, but those results are not back yet (as of 6/9).  
Our 6th Grade Beginner Band, 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Band (only 11 members!!!), HS Jazz Ensemble, and HS BIG RED Band all earned 1st Divisions in their respective contests this year.  To my knowledge, this is the first time in school history that this has happened!!!  It is most DEFINITELY the first time we've had 5 different large ensembles make a 1st division...because I'm sure we've never had 5 separate ensembles before!!!
We also performed a live and in-person Spring Concert!  It was sort of last minute, but it went VERY WELL!!!  We did some rough recordings of it and posted it on our YouTube channel as well.  We split this concert into Band (MS and HS) in one video and Jazz Ensemble in another!  Check it out as well...
The High School Band travelled to DisneyWorld in Orlando on June 4-8.  What a fun trip!!  From June 9-12, the 3 All-State Band members will travel to Melissa HS for the ATSSB All-State Clinic/Concert.  I'm so excited that these 3 students will get an all-state ensemble experience.  Kudos to ATSSB for stepping up and providing this clinic/concert for their students.  TMEA didn't step up!!  Just sayin'...
And that's 2020-21 in review.  A GREAT YEAR!!!  Who would have thought...  :D
And now for 2021-22:  I'll start by saying "refer to the website's calendar for details" because I may miss something in this newsletter.  But here goes...
June 14-16 is our June Music Camp.  The goal for this camp is to review some marching fundamentals, but more importantly to teach/learn our show's 2nd and 3rd movements in more detail.  We did most of the work on the 1st movement during Rookie Camp on June 1-3...
The Band Hall will be open and available every Monday from 9am-noon for anyone who would like to come up and get some work in.  I will be available to help anyone who needs it.  If you can't play your music pretty much perfectly after our June Music Camp, then THIS IS THE TIME TO CATCH UP!!!!  Make use of this time...we have high goals for next year, and every second counts!!
Drum Majors (Alana Canaday & Asia Andrews) will travel to Denton to attend the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy at Texas Women's University on July 5-9.  This my opinion...the best, and most DEMANDING drum major camp offered anywhere in the US.  It's awesome...
Leadership Team will attend an in-house Leadership Camp on July 12-13 with services provided by SASi; The Leadership People.  I'm excited to get some training in.  They will have a LOT on their shoulders this next marching season!
July 19-20 will start our Pre-Camps.  On these 2 days, the Brass and Battery Percussion (Drumline/Field Percussion/NOT Front Ensemble) will be here from 10am-2pm.  We will again review some marching fundamentals, but will also use this time to get very focused on the Show Music in great section/individual work!!! This is also the time when the brass players can regain their chops after (unfortunately) taking a month off.  Play a little everyday, people!!
July 21-22 will host the Woodwinds and Front Ensemble from 10am-2pm. Same schedule as the Brass/Drumline Camp...marching fundamentals and detail work on the show music!
July 23 will bring everyone back together again for a short day of review...10am-2pm.  Same basic itinerary!!
July 26-29 will have our July Music Camp.  After the June Music Camp and our Pre-Camps, our show music should really be cooking by now.  This is the camp that we will start learning where the sets fall in the music.  If time allows, we may start working a little on our Pep Book as well.  If we do all of the camps before this one correctly, we should have time.
July 30 - take a day off and prepare for our August Summer Band Camp!!!
August 2-5 will start our Summer Band Camp...Elkhart HS Band Hall from 2pm-9pm.  Long day!!!  We will start setting our Competitive Marching Show on the field at this time, so it's a big deal!!
August 6, 9-10 continues our Summer Band Camp, but the times will change. We will go from 4pm-9pm starting on the 6th.
August 11 is our last day for Summer Band Camp and again, the time will change...4pm-7pm.  Our goal is to have ALL of the 1st Movement on the field by the end of this camp.  That's a HUGE goal, but you gotta start somewhere!
August 12 is the First Day of School!!!
We will start our Morning Rehearsals on Monday, August 16.  Here's how they will work this year.  We will start our stretches/warm-up exercises at 6:50am every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Mornings (Friday off) to prepare for our "7am Rehearsal".  Yes, our 7am rehearsal actually starts at 6:50am with instruments in our warm-up circle on the practice lot.  That extra 10 minutes will go a LONG WAY, especially since we are adding a rather substantial stretch/movement block for this year!!  Plan and Prepare!!!
From here on out, we will get into a really good excited for this next year.  I really believe that we will perform a show that Elkhart has never seen before (at least from an Elkhart Band!!!).  Enjoy your summer...
J. Wes Canaday
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