Elkhart High School


 Elkhart High School
Elkhart, TX
Performance Itineraries
Bullard Pre-UIL Contest
Bullard HS; Bullard, TX
Thursday, March 28
Leave:  8am
Return:  12:45pm
Dress Nice

Elkhart BIG RED Band

- Best In Class Drum Majors at SMI!!!  Congrats Seth, Leo and Dillan!!!
- All "marching band fees" are now past due!  Please send all payments to the band hall ASAP!!!
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Elkhart BIG RED Band Member's Individual Accomplishments

ATSSB Region 21 All-Region Band
Dillan Broyles, tenor saxophone
Alana Canaday, contra-alto clarinet
Roger Gonzalez, F horn (AREA)
Stefanie Soileau, flute
UIL Solo & Ensemble 1st Division Solo & Ensemble
Maddison Jones, flute (TSSEC Qualified)
Alana Canaday, bass clarinet
Lizbeth Marquez, alto sax
Dillan Broyles, tenor sax
Raul Cazares, F horn
Roger Gonzalez, F horn
Fabian Marquez, tuba
Carter Vickery, tuba
Tucker Sparkman, marimba (TSSEC Qualified)
Cassie Barnett, Laura Goff, Maddison Jones, Stefanie Soileau - flute quartet (TSSEC Qualified)
Alana Canaday, Ally Currie, Karime Vazquez - clarinet trio (TSSEC Qualified)

2018-19 Elkhart BIG RED Band Leadership Team

Stefanie Soileau, flute
Karime Vazquez, clarinet
Dillan Broyles, saxophone : Drum Major
Jenna Holloway, trumpet
Roger Gonzalez, horn
Seth Hoffman, trombone/baritone : Head Drum Major
Leo Banuelos, tuba : Drum Major
Annalisa Trevino, percussion
Jessi Boger, color guard