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Elkhart BIG RED Band
October 2017 Newsletter
October!  I think that's Spanish for "tough band month".  This is the beast...by far the hardest month of our year.  By far.  You ready...???
We start our month with a Friday night football game on October 6 @ West.  West is about 2 hours away!  It's gonna be a long, late night!!  The very next day, we will march at SMI...the Sunnyvale Marching Invitational...in Sunnyvale on October 7.  Sunnyvale is East of Mesquite...about 2 hours away.  Long...long weekend!!!  Lots of miles!
The next week we will play a home game vs. Teague on October 13 followed by our 2nd Pre-UIL Marching Contest, CCMF...Cedar Creek Marching Festival...in Mabank on October 14.  That shouldn't be too bad.
The following week is HOMECOMING!!!  We will play Eustace on October 20.  There will be a homecoming parade and community pep rally that Friday as well. That Saturday is our biggest marching contest of the year...the UIL Marching contest in Carthage on October 21.  As a sidenote, Carthage is about 2 hours away...I sense a theme!!
The last weekend in October doesn't let up.  Our Friday night game is in Whitney...more than 2 hours away...on October 27.  This will be our 4th trip this month of 2 hours or more...5th overall if you count the first game of the year in Shelbyville.  This year is a monster!  On Saturday, we have one of two options.  If we make a 1st Division at the Region UIL Marching contest, we will travel to Nacogdoches to march in the UIL Area Marching Contest.  Only an hour away!! 
See what I mean?  Tough band month!!!  Say a prayer...
In addition to all of that, the Cookie Dough product should arrive sometime in October.  I'll be sending home reminders of that glorious event as soon as I know when it will be here!

J. Wes Canaday
Important Dates to Remember:
October 6 - Football Game @ West
October 7 - SMI
October 13 - Football Game vs. Teague
October 14 - CCMF
October 20 - Football Game vs. Eustace
October 21 - UIL Region Marching Contest
October 27 - Football Game @ Whitney
October 28 - UIL Area Marching Contest