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Summer 2018 Newsletter
Summertime!!!  We have a busy summer...well, I have a busy summer.  Hopefully yours will be a bit more relaxing, but anyhoo...
Rookie Camp was a big success.  This incoming freshman class is going to be very good, and I'm really excited about what we are going to be able to accomplish this year. 
Branson was awesome!!  That's all I can say about it.  Awesome!  If you've never been to Branson, make a trip.  It's well worth it!
Our Leadership Team is attending the University of Texas at Arlington Leadership/Drum Major Camp from June 17-21.  They are working hard this summer to prepare for next year.  Work never ends in the band hall...
Coming up in July, we have several small pre-camps.  July 23-25, we will host our Brass and Front Ensemble Camps.  These are playing only camps, but they will serve to get a jumpstart on the show music as well as getting your "summer chops" back into shape!!!  On July 30-31, we will have our Woodwind and Drumline Camps...same goals as before.  Color Guard will be there during both camps.  Check the Calendar of Events page for exact times.
August 1, we will start our full summer band camp with EVERYONE in attendance.  Because of our new distinction as a "district of innovation", we will have an earlier start date than usual.  This will take a good portion of our summer camp away from us, so we will need to be ready to go on August 1!  We have a LOT to do before school starts!  Again, check the online Calendar regularly for exact dates and times. 
School starts on August 15, then we will be in a "normal", regular schedule.  Good times.
Generation-X awaits...gonna be awesome!  Have a great summer!

J. Wes Canaday
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