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Elkhart BIG RED Band
January/February/March 2018 Newsletter
It's a new year, new semester, and a set of new challenges ahead.  I've combined the next 3 months into one newsletter because there's really not a lot going on in those 3 months other than hard work in the classroom.  Here are the performances...
On January 13, Brennan Carr qualified for AREA and will be given the chance to audition to audition for the ATSSB 3B All-State Band.  His hard work on his all-region music sure paid off for him.
On January 20, Brennan, along with Roger Gonzalez, Justin Rea, Tristan Young were selected to the all-region band and will have the opportunity to perform with the ATSSB Region 21 All-Region Band.  They will rehearse for the day and perform a concert that evening.  It's always an awesome concert!!
On February 9, we will take a number of students to the UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest in Nacogdoches.  These students are currently working hard on their music so that their performance will exemplary.  The hard work the kids do working on all-region audition music and their solo & ensemble music pay off in the future.  The more that audition/perform, the better we will be as a band.  This is exciting for me...
Spring Break is currently scheduled for March 12-16. 
That's all there is in those 3 months.  April and May will be very different.  Stay tuned...

J. Wes Canaday
Important Dates to Remember:
January 13 - All-Area Auditions
January 20 - HS All-Region Clinic/Concert
February 9 - UIL Solo & Ensemble
March 12-16 - Spring Break