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Elkhart BIG RED Band
December 2017 Newsletter
Christmas time is here!!  Obviously, our big event this month is our annual Winter Concert.  It will be a little different than it has been in the past, but I'm very excited about the changes that are going on in our program!  But let's not get ahead of ourselves...here we go!
Saturday, December 9 is the ATSSB Region 21 All-Region Band Auditions.  We have 17 students who have worked on the music and will travel to Henderson to audition for the All-Region Band.  This is the first step to being selected as an All-State band member!  Good luck to those who have worked hard on their music!!
The annual Winter Concert is scheduled for Thursday, December 14 at 7pm in the HS Gym.  The concert will start with Beginner Band, followed by both Middle School Bands before the HS Band will perform.  Should be a wonderful concert.
The very next day, we will travel to the Intermediate school to play a concert at noon for the Elementary school, then play another concert immediately after that (12:30) for the Intermediate school.  It's quite an effort to move this band around...even if it's just across our little town, but we want to spread the joy to the little kiddos as well. 
That's what December holds.  Until next year...

J. Wes Canaday
Important Dates to Remember:
December 9 - HS All-Region Audition
December 14 - Elkhart Winter Concert
December 15 - Christmas Concert for Elementary & Intermediate Schools