Elkhart High School


Elkhart BIG RED Band
August 2017 Newsletter
Here's to a good summer.  A summer that was all too short.  Time to gear up for the next phase of our development...Summer Band Camp!!!
As I write this, the front ensemble and drum line are in the band hall working hard.  This hard work should pay off, as they are vital for our show.  We are leaning heavily on the percussion this year, so it's nice to hear them jamming out the music already!  If you haven't played all summer long, it's probably about time to start dusting those chops off and get ready for camp!
We will start our full band camp on August 1.  We will do the first week from 2pm-9pm.  Most of that time will be spent indoors with our music.  We have a lot to cover, but we can do it.  Please start hydrating over the weekend and especially Monday before so that when we do go outside to start marching, you are prepared.  It's hot outside.  It's Texas.  It's August.  Duh....
Make sure to read the Summer Band Letter on the tab to your right.  It's got a lot of good info that I don't want to cover here, like bring a hat, good shoes...etc...
We had a great year last year, and we are planning to have a better one this year.  See you on the 1st!!!

J. Wes Canaday
Important Dates to Remember:
August 1 - Start of Summer Band Camp
August 11 - HS Band Parent Meeting
August 23 - Meet The Elks
August 28 - First Day of School