Elkhart High School


You never fail until you stop trying.” Albert Einstein

Education: Graduated high school in Jacksonville, Texas. Received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from Stephen F. Austin State University.  
Experience: 27 years in education. Taught mathematics at Westwood Jr. High and High School, Palestine Christian School, Palestine High School and Elkhart High School.  
Personal:  Husband-Jerry Ives
                    Children-Laura Ives & Wesley Ives
Algebra 1 - Syllabus:
   1. Solving Linear Equations
   2. Solving Linear Inequalities
   3. Graphing Linear Functions
   4. Writing Linear Functions
   5. Solving Systems of Linear Equations
   6. Exponential Functions and Sequences
   7. Polynomial Equations and Factoring
   8. Graphing Quadratic Functions
   9. Solving Quadratic Equations
Classroom Expectations:
   1. Respect others and their property.
   2. Bring supplies to class daily.
   3. Be prepared for class when the bell rings.