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Art Teacher

This is my 15th year at Elkhart High School. My teaching career began in Marshall, TX, followed by time spent at schools in North Dakota, Arizona and Louisianan before God blessed me with the opportunity to teach here at Elkhart ISD.
We have an excellent school system, wonderful facilities an students who are truly fun to teach. I love my teaching position and my students.

I welcome my students to a high energy, hands-on fun learning environment. Students will learn art appreciation, art history and vocabulary while creating art projects using a variety of media. (Look forward to a student art show and silent auction in May?)

The skills taught are truly "life-long" and my students will absorb the most from my classes through attending class daily, as well as being on time and ready to learn.

I arrive at school early (7:00 am) should you or your student need assistance.

Education: Graduated High School in Loveland, Colorado. Graduated from East Texas State University with a Bachelors in Science degree in Education and Art/Psychology.

Experience: More than 30 year in education.

Personal:  I'm a widow.  My daughter, Rachael Bennett is an Asst. Principal at Scott Middle School in Dennison, Texas.

My classroom Rules are simple:
1. Avoid all disruptive behavior.
2. Be in seat when bell rings.
3. Be courteous of others.

My Schedule:
1st Period: Art 3/ Art 4
2nd Period: Art 2
3rd Period: Art 3/ Art 4
A Lunch: 11:00 to 11:30
4th Period: Art 1
5th Period: Planning Period (12:35 - 1:30)
6th Period: Art 1
7th Period: Art 1

The best way to communicate: kmarlowe@elkhartisd.org

Closing: Please feel free to schedule an appointment at any time. Together we can be successful!