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Paul Hewitt on Free Fall and Basic Kinematics

Kinematic equations and free falling objects with Professor Paul Hewitt

Introduction to Head to Tail Vector Addition

Basics of Head to Tail (Tip to Tail or Graphical) Vector Addition

Finding Vector Components with Trig Functions

Basics of finding the X and Y components of a Vector along with verifying the angle and the sides

Kinematics - Pre AP Physics - Crash Course Physics #1

Some basic information regarding 1 - D motion and the kinematic equations. Pre AP Physics level

Significant Figures Rules

An introduction to the four basic rules for determining Significant Figures.

Great Books on "The Jungle"

episode of "Great Books" from TLC on "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair

Similarities between the 1884 and 2016 presidential elections

Historian Doug Wead recounts how the 1884 and 2016 presidential elections shared many commonalities

The Election of 1884 Explained

The issues and the players involved in the 1884 presidential election

The Election of 1880 Explained

The key players and events of the 1880 presidential election