Elkhart High School

Quill & Scroll Honor Society

Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists was organized April 10, 1926, at the University of Iowa by renowned pollster George H. Gallup and a group of high school advisers for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing individual student achievement in journalism and academics. The organization has a Board of Trustees. It is composed of 11 high school and collegiate journalism educators, and media-related professionals. Day-to-day operations of the Quill and Scroll office are conducted by the executive director and office manager and student part-time employees.Our services support and advocate for scholastic journalists and their teachers. We aim to provide means by which students and educators can best perform and fully realize the educational benefits of journalism. Media advisers in chartered member schools are eligible to recommend outstanding high school journalism students for membership in Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society. More than 8,000 high school journalists are inducted into membership of the Honorary Society each year in recognition of their academic and journalistic achievements. The student members are in the top third of their class academically, or have the equivalent of a B average.