Elkhart High School

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI)

 The TSI at Elkhart High School will be administered in the computer lab.  If you are needing to take all or any part of the TSI please email bmcenturff@eklhartisd.org  or call 903-764-8518.  
** We are following guidelines with numbers and distancing between testers.  The lab is cleaned both before and after testing.
TSI is changing in January.  It will become TSIA2.  Scoring is also changing along with some testing formats.  
The TSI Assessments measure college readiness in reading, writing, and math. The scores
are used for college placement purposes. IF, a student plans to take dual credit courses
during high school they will need to take and pass the TSI. Passing scores are as follows:
Reading 351
Math 350
Writing ≥ 340 & Essay 4 or < 340 & Essay 5
Testing dates and locations for the TSI exam may be found on the link below.  This is the college entrance exam that has replaced the THEA, and any student considering dual credit MUST pass this test before signing up for those courses.  The exam is given by TVCC and EHS on various days.  If a student  is taking the TSI at TVCC, the absence will be excused if test scores are turned in to Mrs. Tubbs (the score report will have the date and time listed and students will only be excused for that portion of the day).
To take the TSI pre-assessment test please click on the link below: