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Pre AP Physics

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Physics is the study of matter and energy and how they interact. Physics is considered to be the most fundamental science because all other natural sciences build upon Physics principles. In this Physics course, students will explore topics that will serve as a foundation for future studies in science and engineering. This course will also help all students develop the quantitative and reasoning skills that will prepare them for college and future careers.

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Paul Hewitt on Free Fall and Basic Kinematics

Kinematic equations and free falling objects with Professor Paul Hewitt

Introduction to Head to Tail Vector Addition

Basics of Head to Tail (Tip to Tail or Graphical) Vector Addition

Finding Vector Components with Trig Functions

Basics of finding the X and Y components of a Vector along with verifying the angle and the sides

Kinematics - Pre AP Physics - Crash Course Physics #1

Some basic information regarding 1 - D motion and the kinematic equations. Pre AP Physics level

Significant Figures Rules

An introduction to the four basic rules for determining Significant Figures.