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Physics - Principles of Technology

Course Description


Principles of Technology is a practical laboratory-based course that teaches traditional physics concepts in the context of their relationship to four energy systems—mechanical, fluid, electrical, and thermal.


Physics involves the scientific approach to the study of nature in its simplest form. The study of Physics will allow students to better understand their physical world. Emphasis will be placed on independent learning, classroom lecture, and laboratory investigations.


Students will apply physics concepts and perform laboratory experiments for at least 40% of instructional time using safe practices. This course satisfies a high school science graduation requirement.

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Paul Hewitt on Free Fall and Basic Kinematics

Kinematic equations and free falling objects with Professor Paul Hewitt

Introduction to Head to Tail Vector Addition

Basics of Head to Tail (Tip to Tail or Graphical) Vector Addition

Significant Figures Rules

An introduction to the four basic rules for determining Significant Figures.